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Living Room Decoration: Tips on Decorating Living Rooms on a Budget


Only either of the following two situations can be true: you need to decorate a new living room or the same is the case with an existing one. Whatever the case is, this blog predominately deals with the first situation. Suppose you have recently bought a new house containing a decent living room area. And you want to decorate this living space. So, there is a need for decoration ideas. That is the context of this blog. Get decoration ideas for newly built living rooms. All of these ideas are discussed by the name of combinations. It is because decoration means nothing but combining different decorative objects to make appealing as well as functional settings. So, consider the following decoration ideas or combinations. All of these are budget-friendly. These ideas can be materialised even on a tight budget.

A Little Note to the Reader: These are not definitive ideas. Instead, these are just hints on which you can build your concepts. These combinations can spark your creativity and help you set up a beautiful and budget-friendly living room. So, let’s get started.      

Newly-Constructed Structures or Living Room Decoration

For your new living room, consider the following decoration-related combinations. All of these are budget-friendly ideas you can build on. And to be more precise, these combinations zero in on the enrichment of relaxation and socialisation. Both of these are true functions of a living room. As per Wikipedia, a living room is a “room for relaxing and socialisation in a residential house or apartment.” So, let’s get started. 

White Walls and Black Seating Furniture with Nothing More

You don’t have enough money. Don’t worry. Setting up a living room doesn’t require a lot. You have empty standing walls. That is enough. Paint all the walls pure white. Buy black seating furniture, i.e. sofa or settee. And your living room is all set to entertain even a whole host of friends and family members.

The combination of black and white is royal as well as reasonable. For the materialisation of this conception, you won’t have to spend a whole lot of money. Yet, sitting in such a living space will give you positive vibrations. So, you can also consider this living room decorative theme for positivity.

Dark Carpets and Wooden Chairs along with a Table

Think about a living room in your mind. What do you see? You are bound to see some major stuff first. You must have seen the seating arrangements, walls with books and pictures, television, etc. However, the prominent figure is something to have a seat. And it is what matters a lot. So, don’t spend a lot on your living room decoration and keep it simple. Bring home dark and plain carpets and wooden chairs along with a table. And that is enough. Set up these materials properly. And you have a fully functional living room area.

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It is not that for this idea you need a special room. You can even objectify this idea using corners of big rooms, i.e. dining hall. Put carpets and chairs there. And those will function as living areas as well.

One Big Screen with a Lot of Plastic Chairs

Put everything aside for a moment. Are you a movie or TV lover? Are you a big fan of the screen? Will you dominantly use your living room as a relaxation spot? If your reply is yes, consider the following combination. Here, just fill your living room with one big screen and comfortable seating objects. If you want it to be cheap, consider purchasing plastic durable chairs. They will last longer and cost less than other chair types.

This big-screen TV will work as the major attraction of your living room. You can play games with your friends there. It is best for you if you are a bachelor. You can even plan a movie get-together with your friends or family members. A big-screen TV is all you need for a better living room experience.

This is a budget-friendly living room decoration idea for a social person as well. Just start the TV and have a warm and nice time together. It might be a perfect tool for socialisation. Through TV channels, you and your guests can share each other’s interests. Thus, consider this decoration combination for your living room.     

Shift Your Library and Put Some Chairs

Many people on Earth tend to be very studious. They like to read good books all the time. Their inquisitiveness cannot be satiated with one or two books. Suppose you visit such a person. Do you know what you will find there? You get it right. There will be tons and tons of books and reading materials. So, if you are a person with a lot of books, make use of the same. Decorate your living room with books. Buy proper wooden structures and some chairs. Set up bookshelves and arrange the chairs. And your living room with combination #4 has been set up. This is a perfect living room decor idea for a man of intelligence and socialisation.

Suppose you love reading books but you don’t have a lot of materials. It might be because you have picked up the reading habit recently. In that case, as well, you can use combination #4. Bring a slight change in the approach. Set up bookshelves with the books you already have. And then as you read new books, this section will automatically build up into an impressive library. The process may be gradual. But, one day the concept of library-cum-living room will be in full bloom.    

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Floor-Seating Arrangements with One Prominent Wall Picture

You must have heard of floor-seating arrangements. These are materials made out of cotton and cloth for seating purposes. Combine these materials with cushions and pillows. And it becomes the perfect living room decoration idea on a budget. Suppose you have an empty room. In that case, set up this seating idea there and your living room is ready. You can even put a small-height table in the centre of the floor.

The best variation of this decor is as follows. Arrange the sitting arrangement in a U-shape. You can even consider putting a corner table in each corner. This combination ends with a perfect royal picture on the wall most noticeable. So, this is combination #5 you can consider for the decoration of your living room. This idea doesn’t require a lot of money. The entire theme is just based on the floor-seating arrangement. However, if possible, you can build on the idea more. For example, you can introduce floral decorations to the spot. Besides, you can have a fancy pot sitting on the centre table with fragrant liquid. It will provide your living room with a touch of freshness.

Already-Existing Living Rooms Decoration Ideas

In the above section, we talked about some decoration ideas for a new living room. Suppose you have a room already designated as a living room. But, you are not happy with it. You want it to be something different. You would like to have a new touch of change there. In that case, consider the following. Decorate your already-existing living room on your budget.  

Conditions and Principles

If you have a living room, it cannot be any other than the following conditions. Any of the following three conditions must apply to your living room. The living room lacks decorative elements or things. Furthermore, it has a lot of things. And finally, your living room is balanced. It neither lacks nor exceeds anything. The first condition is the condition of lack. The second is that of excess. And anything in the middle of both is the condition of balance. Here, we are concerned with lack and excess. 

Suppose your living room is suffering from the condition of lack. In that case, for a new decorative touch, consider the following. Go through all the ideas discussed in the first subsection. Refer to the combinations discussed above. And apply them to give your living spaces a new decorative touch. Furthermore, for the condition of excess, there are two principles. Namely, they are the principles of repurposing and decluttering.

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Principles—Declutter and Repurpose

Sometimes, your living room is filled with a lot of stuff. There are so many things. In that case, first, you can use the principle of decluttering. It is one of the most effective decoration techniques in the concerned context. Get rid of unwanted stuff. And only let the things of use and importance sit in your living room. It will give it an altogether new decorative feel. Furthermore, there is the principle of repurposing. It says that you should try rearranging things. If your sofa is on the left, bring it to the right. Consider things like these. Rearrange the position of the existing stuff after decluttering. You won’t have to spend much and a newly decorated living space is ready to enjoy.

Let’s Wind Up Our Discussion

The entire piece of writing is divided into two sections. The first section deals with combinations. And the remaining one is concerned with the conditions and principles. Most importantly, you have combinations here to consider. These are nothing but decoration ideas. You can use these ideas to decorate your living rooms. And, furthermore, suppose you have a living room already decorated one way or another. But you are not happy at all. In that case, you have conditions and principles to study. That is the summary of the entire blog in a few words. By the way, never read just one or two blogs like this. Instead, carry out intensive research before setting up or decorating living rooms. It is important to come up with the best idea ever.

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Living Room Decoration: Tips on Decorating Living Rooms on a Budget

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