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Moving with Children – 8 Surefire Ways to Make Moving Stress-free for Children


Are you moving with your children? Although moving from one place to another is stressful, your children are more prone to get affected by the stress. If you are looking for some ways to cope with stress while moving with children, you are covered. In this article, I will share eight surefire ways to make moving easier for your kids. And, I am pretty confident that you will like my ideas. 

First, accept the truth — moving from one place to another is not a fun chore, especially if you are moving your young children. The stress of relocation can affect people of all ages. But your young children are more vulnerable to the idea of moving. 

Of course, there are some excitements over the prospect of moving into a brand-new home. But the thought of moving away from a familiar neighborhood and leaving friends behind can add to your child’s anxiety. Probably, your young children may refuse the idea of moving. Therefore, you need to learn how to create a smooth transition for your kids. 

There are plenty of methods that make moving with children simpler. A plan of action is much needed for this purpose. Without good planning, you cannot assume a successful move, no matter whether you have children or not. Planning in advance is crucial. 

8 Best Tips to Ease Transition When Moving with Kids

Here are nine best tips that can help your children adjust faster and be more relaxed during the transition. 

1. Discuss the move very often

You are moving with your young children. And, you prefer not to get into any trouble in the process. First, you need to make your kids aware of moving. Young children may not know what “moving” means actually. They may require time to grasp the process.

Therefore, it is best to announce the moving news as early as possible. Ensure to break the news at least one month ahead of the big day. Then, include it in your everyday discussions with family members. Talk about it frequently throughout the week, and even daily. 

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Because of repetitive discussions on the same subject, adults and teenagers may feel bored. But your kids may love it. Don’t forget — children gain knowledge and comprehend things by repetition; remember your childhood days. Moving is new for your kids. Therefore, there are many things for them to learn. 

Discuss all the tasks related to your move — collecting boxes, packing suitcases, selecting a new home, hiring a moving service, when to move, and so on. Ask your kids if they like the discussion. If they are getting bored, stop forcing them to listen to you. Let them do whatever they want to do. 

2. Take your children to visit your new home and community

Another factor for stress in children while moving is unfamiliarity with the new home and community.  Your children might be worried about their new home and place. Taking them to visit the new home and exploring the community beforehand will help them cozy. 

If possible, visit several times. Take opinions from your children on the new home and community. If they recommend you some changes like color, decor, or repairing in the new home, consider them. 

Besides, exploring the community to look for schools, shopping malls, amusement parks, etc. This type of fun trip will help your children a lot in adjusting to the change. Also, this will help you cope with the stress. 

3. Do not overlook your children’s opinion

One of the many reasons behind stress in children while moving is not including children in decisions and works. For this reason, they may feel upset and unimportant. You should never make this mistake. Don’t underestimate the IQ of children. They may opine you on some important tasks to do uniquely. And, you will get surprised to get an efficient result. 

Of course, children cannot handle the heavy lifting and handling bulky furniture. But they might give you an idea to do things efficiently. They may also do smaller tasks, such as packing their toys, books, etc. Teenagers may also do some easier packing tasks to help you in the process. So, include children in decisions and chores to make them feel they are worth it.

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4. Pack children essentials in a separate box for easy access

Packing is the most significant chore that you need to do before. There can be many sorts of belongings to pack and move. Having a packing checklist will help you get the job done right. There are many things that you need to consider while packing for a move. Think about the essentials for your kids’ comfort and happiness. You would never want to leave behind their favorite toys and fun activities. Your kids may demand their toys and fun activities once after moving to the new home. So, pack them in a separate box for easy access. 

5. Keep to the same schedule as much as possible

When moving to a new home, your children won’t like any change in their routines and schedules. If you force them, they will feel upset and stressed. On the contrary, you will help your children cope with the moving chaos, strangeness, and stress. So, try to stick to your kids’ same schedule. Don’t need any changes. If necessary, ask them patiently and make them understand why you need to change the schedule.

6. Stay calm and positive

It is essential for everyone to be in a state of calm and even children. Kids are extremely sensitive. They may possess delicate behaviors. So, take care of them carefully. Do not do anything that can make children difficult to adjust to the change. Let them express their sadness. Listen to them without any judgment. Speak with love and remind them you love them a lot, and they are your priority. Do not get frustrated. Staying calm and positive will help you cope with the situation. 

7. Create time for goodbyes

When moving from one place to another, it becomes imperative to take the time to say goodbyes. It is also important for young children. One good idea is to take pictures during bidding goodbyes to your old home and community. You can also take pictures with friends and neighbors you are leaving behind. Don’t forget to do the same with your children’s friends. These snaps can comfort your children when they are feeling sad in the new community. 

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8. Help children make new friends in the new community

Your children are in an unfamiliar community. They hardly know that can play with. So, start thinking about this concern once after moving to a new place. Hunt down nearby places where children gather. Your local children’s park can be the best choice. Help your child develop friendships with other children. In addition, you can also enroll your kids in extracurricular activities such as dancing, music, painting, swimming, etc. Your children will feel comfortable and relieve their stress once they will start making friends in the new neighborhood. 

Concluding Words

I hope you liked the ideas mentioned in this article. Follow these tips to reduce the stress for your children when moving. Also, share this article on your social handles to help others. 

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Moving with Children – 8 Surefire Ways to Make Moving Stress-free for Children

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