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Vehicle Purchase Muhurat 2023 – Auspicious Dates & Timings for Buying Vehicles


Auspicious Vehicle Purchase Muhurat and Registration Dates 2023 – Are you looking for auspicious vehicle purchase muhurat, dates and timings in 2023? Are you planning to purchase a vehicle like car, bike and scooter in 2023? If yes then your search ends here.

Not only a house but also purchasing a vehicle is every person’s dream. So it is important that a vehicle like car and bike should be purchased in a good muhurat, nakshtra and on an auspicious date. Just as the Griha Pravesh is done in an auspicious muhurat, a vehicle should be also purchased in an auspicious muhurat. It is said that buying a vehicle in a shubh muhurat helps vehicle owner to overcome bad influence or event that might occur later.

A vehicle is one of the most important assets and necessities of your life. It can be for your personal use or a source of income. So, if you need to buy a car or bike then make sure to purchase it on an auspicious date in a shubh muhurat. After purchasing it, don’t forget to worship the vehicle in order to maintain happiness and prosperity in your life.

Auspicious dates and timings to buying vehicles like car, bike and scooter are calculated as per the Hindu Panchangam or Hindu calendar after doing Panchang Shuddhi, aka Panchangam Shuddhi. Panchang Shuddhi gives not only auspicious dates to purchase a vehicle but also Shubh Muhurat to buy a vehicle.

To help you buy a vehicle like car, scooter and bike in a shubh muhurat, I’m here providing you the month-wise detailed chart. I hope you will find the right date and timing to buy your desired vehicle.

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Know the 2022-2023 Vehicle Purchase Dates with Shubh Muhurat & Shubh Timings

Best Dates, Shubh Muhurat & Nakshatra for Vehicle Purchase in December 2022

Dates & DaysShubh MuhuratNakshatrasShubh Tithi
December 7, 2022, Wednesday10:25 AM to 07:01 AM, Dec 08RohiniPurnima
December 8, 2022, Thursday07:01 AM to 07:02 AM, Dec 09Rohini, MrigashirshaPurnima, Pratipada
December 9, 2022, Friday07:02 AM to 11:34 AMMrigashirshaPratipada
December 11, 2022, Sunday07:04 AM to 04:14 PMPunarvasuTritiya
December 12, 2022, Monday06:48 PM to 11:36 PMPushyaPanchami
December 18, 2022, Sunday07:08 AM to 07:09 AM, Dec 19Hasta, ChitraDashami, Ekadashi
December 19, 2022, Monday07:09 AM to 02:32 AM, Dec 20Chitra, SwatiEkadashi
December 21, 2022, Wednesday08:33 AM to 10:16 PMAnuradhaTrayodashi
December 25, 2022, Sunday07:21 PM to 04:51 AM, Dec 26ShravanaTritiya
December 28, 2022, Wednesday07:13 AM to 12:46 PMShatabhishaShashthi
December 30, 2022, Friday11:24 AM to 06:33 PMRevatiAshtami

Auspicious Dates and Muhurats for Vehicle Purchase in January 2023

Date & DayMuhuratNakshatraTithi
 4 January, Wednesday07:15 AM to 12:00 AM, Jan 05Rohini, MrigashirshaTrayodashi
 13 January, Friday04:36 PM to 06:17 PMHastaShashthi
 15 January, Sunday07:15 AM to 07:45 PMChitraAshtami
 18 January, Wednesday07:15 AM to 04:03 PMAnuradhaEkadashi
 23 January, Monday06:43 PM to 07:13 AM, Jan 24Dhanishtha, ShatabhishaTritiya
 26 January, Thursday06:57 PM to 07:12 AM, Jan 27RevatiShashthi
 27 January, Friday07:12 AM to 09:10 AMRevatiShashthi

Best Dates and Muhurats for Buying Vehicles in February 2023

Date & DayMuhuratNakshatraTithi
 1 February, Wednesday07:10 AM to 02:01 PMMrigashirshaEkadashi
 3 February, Friday07:08 AM to 06:57 PMPunarvasuTrayodashi
 5 February, Sunday07:07 AM to 12:13 PMPushyaPurnima
 10 February, Friday07:58 AM to 07:03 AM, Feb 11Hasta, ChitraPanchami
 12 February, Sunday07:02 AM to 09:45 AMSwatiShashthi
 27 February, Monday06:49 AM to 02:21 AM, Feb 28RohiniAshtami

Auspicious Dates and Muhurats for Vehicle Purchase in March 2023

Date & DayMuhuratNakshatraTithi
 1 March, Wednesday06:47 AM to 09:52 AMMrigashirshaDashami
 2 March, Thursday12:43 PM to 06:45 AM, Mar 03PunarvasuEkadashi
 3 March, Friday06:45 AM to 09:11 AMPunarvasuEkadashi
 9 March, Thursday08:54 PM to 06:37 AM, Mar 10HastaTritiya
 10 March, Friday06:37 AM to 09:42 PMChitraTritiya
 12 March, Sunday06:35 AM to 08:00 AMSwatiPanchami
 13 March, Monday08:21 AM to 09:27 PMAnuradhaShashthi
 19 March, Sunday08:07 AM to 04:55 AM, Mar 20Dhanishtha, ShatabhishaTrayodashi
 26 March, Sunday02:01 PM to 06:18 AM, Mar 27RohiniPanchami, Shashthi
 27 March, Monday06:18 AM to 05:27 PMRohini, MrigashirshaShashthi
 29 March, Wednesday08:07 PM to 09:07 PMPunarvasu, ArdraNavami, Ashtami
 31 March, Friday06:13 AM to 01:57 AM, Apr 01PushyaDashami

Best Dates and Muhurats for Buying Vehicles in April 2023

Date & DayMuhuratNakshatraTithi
 5 April, Wednesday11:23 AM to 06:06 AM, Apr 06HastaPurnima
 6 April, Thursday06:06 AM to 06:05 AM, Apr 07Hasta, ChitraPurnima, Pratipada
 7 April, Friday06:05 AM to 10:20 AMChitraPratipada
 10 April, Monday08:37 AM to 01:39 PMAnuradhaPanchami
 16 April, Sunday05:55 AM to 06:14 PMShatabhishaEkadashi
 23 April, Sunday05:48 AM to 07:47 AMRohiniTritiya
 24 April, Monday08:24 AM to 02:07 AM, Apr 25MrigashirshaPanchami
 26 April, Wednesday05:45 AM to 11:27 AMPunarvasuShashthi
 27 April, Thursday01:38 PM to 05:43 AM, Apr 28PushyaAshtami
 28 April, Friday05:43 AM to 09:53 AMPushyaAshtami

Auspicious Dates and Muhurats for Vehicle Purchase in May 2023

Date & DayMuhuratNakshatraTithi
 3 May, Wednesday05:39 AM to 11:49 PMHasta, ChitraTrayodashi
 5 May, Friday05:38 AM to 09:40 PMSwatiPurnima
 7 May, Sunday08:15 PM to 08:21 PMJyeshtha, AnuradhaTritiya, Dwitiya
 12 May, Friday09:06 AM to 05:32 AM, May 13Shravana, DhanishthaAshtami
 14 May, Sunday05:31 AM to 10:16 AMShatabhishaDashami
 17 May, Wednesday05:29 AM to 07:39 AMRevatiTrayodashi
 22 May, Monday05:27 AM to 10:37 AMMrigashirshaTritiya
 24 May, Wednesday05:26 AM to 05:26 AM, May 25Punarvasu, PushyaPanchami, Shashthi
 25 May, Thursday05:26 AM to 05:54 PMPushyaShashthi
 31 May, Wednesday05:24 AM to 01:45 PMChitraEkadashi

Best Dates and Muhurats for Buying Vehicles in June 2023

Date & DayMuhuratNakshatraTithi
 1 June, Thursday01:39 PM to 05:24 AM, Jun 02SwatiTrayodashi
 2 June, Friday05:24 AM to 06:53 AMSwatiTrayodashi
 8 June, Thursday05:23 AM to 05:23 AM, Jun 09Shravana, DhanishthaPanchami, Shashthi
 9 June, Friday05:23 AM to 04:20 PMDhanishthaShashthi
 12 June, Monday01:49 PM to 05:23 AM, Jun 13RevatiDashami
 21 June, Wednesday05:24 AM to 03:09 PMPushyaTritiya
 26 June, Monday12:44 PM to 02:04 AM, Jun 27HastaAshtami
 28 June, Wednesday05:26 AM to 05:26 AM, Jun 29Chitra, SwatiDashami, Ekadashi
 29 June, Thursday05:26 AM to 04:30 PMSwatiEkadashi

Auspicious Dates and Muhurats for Vehicle Purchase in July 2023

Date & DayMuhuratNakshatraTithi
 5 July, Wednesday10:02 AM to 02:56 AM, Jul 06ShravanaTritiya
 6 July, Thursday05:29 AM to 06:30 AMDhanishthaTritiya
 7 July, Friday05:29 AM to 10:16 PMShatabhishaPanchami
 9 July, Sunday07:59 PM to 05:30 AM, Jul 10RevatiAshtami
 10 July, Monday05:30 AM to 06:43 PMRevatiAshtami
 14 July, Friday07:17 PM to 05:33 AM, Jul 15Rohini, MrigashirshaTrayodashi

Best Dates and Muhurats for Buying Vehicles in August 2023

Date & DayMuhuratNakshatraTithi
 21 August, Monday05:53 AM to 05:54 AM, Aug 22ChitraPanchami, Shashthi
 24 August, Thursday09:04 AM to 03:10 AM, Aug 25AnuradhaAshtami
 30 August, Wednesday10:58 AM to 05:58 AM, Aug 31Dhanishtha, ShatabhishaPurnima
 31 August, Thursday05:58 AM to 05:45 PMShatabhishaPurnima, Pratipada

Auspicious Dates and Muhurats for Vehicle Purchase in September 2023

Date & DayMuhuratNakshatraTithi
 6 September, Wednesday03:37 PM to 06:02 AM, Sep 07RohiniAshtami
 7 September, Thursday06:02 AM to 04:14 PMRohini, MrigashirshaAshtami
 10 September, Sunday06:03 AM to 09:28 PMPunarvasu, PushyaEkadashi
 17 September, Sunday11:08 AM to 06:07 AM, Sep 18ChitraTritiya
 18 September, Monday06:07 AM to 12:39 PMChitraTritiya
 20 September, Wednesday02:59 PM to 06:09 AM, Sep 21AnuradhaShashthi

Best Dates and Muhurats for Buying Vehicles in October 2023

Date & DayMuhuratNakshatraTithi
 22 October, Sunday06:44 PM to 07:58 PMShravanaAshtami
 23 October, Monday05:44 PM to 06:27 AM, Oct 24DhanishthaDashami
 25 October, Wednesday06:28 AM to 12:32 PMShatabhishaEkadashi

Auspicious Dates and Muhurats for Vehicle Purchase in November 2023

Date & DayMuhuratNakshatraTithi
 1 November, Wednesday09:19 PM to 04:36 AM, Nov 02MrigashirshaPanchami
 3 November, Friday06:34 AM to 11:07 PMPunarvasuShashthi
 5 November, Sunday06:36 AM to 10:29 AMPushyaAshtami
 10 November, Friday12:35 PM to 06:40 AM, Nov 11Hasta, ChitraTrayodashi
 19 November, Sunday06:46 AM to 07:23 AMShravanaSaptami, Shashthi
 20 November, Monday06:47 AM to 03:16 AM, Nov 21Dhanishtha, ShatabhishaAshtami
 23 November, Thursday05:16 PM to 09:01 PMRevatiEkadashi
27 November, Monday01:35 PM to 06:54 AM, Nov 28RohiniPurnima, Pratipada

Best Dates and Muhurats for Buying Vehicles in December 2023

Date & DayMuhuratNakshatraTithi
 1 December, Friday03:31 PM to 06:57 AM, Dec 02Punarvasu, PushyaPanchami
 7 December, Thursday07:01 AM to 07:01 AM, Dec 08HastaDashami, Ekadashi
 8 December, Friday07:01 AM to 06:31 AM, Dec 09Hasta, ChitraEkadashi
 10 December, Sunday07:13 AM to 11:50 AMSwatiTrayodashi
 17 December, Sunday07:07 AM to 07:08 AM, Dec 18Dhanishtha, ShatabhishaPanchami, Shashthi
 18 December, Monday07:08 AM to 03:13 PMShatabhishaShashthi
 21 December, Thursday09:37 AM to 10:09 PMRevatiDashami
 24 December, Sunday09:19 PM to 05:54 AM, Dec 25RohiniTrayodashi

The Color of Your Vehicle According to Birth Sign

Buying a vehicle in an auspicious timing (shubh muhurat) is imperative. Hence, people prefer to buy vehicles in a muhurat that can bring favorable result in their lives. According to Vedic Astrology, the color of the vehicle also plays a vital role at the time of buying the vehicle.

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Birth SignLucky ColorsAvoidable Colors
AriesBlue or similar colorBlack, Brown
TaurusWhite, CreamYellow, Pink
GeminiGreen, Cream 
CancerBlack, Yellow, Red 
LeoGrey or similar color 
VirgoWhite, BlueRed
LibraBlack, Brown 
SagittariusSilver, RedBlack, Blue
CapricornWhite, Grey, Slate Color 
AquariusWhite, Grey, Blue 
PiscesYellow, Orange, Golden Color 

Vehicle Purchase Dates and Muhurat 2023 – Frequently Asked Questions

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Vehicle Purchase Muhurat 2023 – Auspicious Dates & Timings for Buying Vehicles

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