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A House Moving Checklist – Key Considerations When Moving


So, you know you are moving, but you have no idea that how will you do this. So, here in this article we will let you know that things you need to do right from the day you heard you are moving to the last day in your current house.

This moving checklist will help you to shift your house from one place/city to another safely and hassle-freely. Here’re the things you need to do prior your move: –

Moving Checklist to Ease Your Relocation Process

8 Weeks before You Move

Set Your Budget

If you don’t want to overspend on your move then set your moving budget in advance after calculating the major expenses such as packers and movers charges, transportation cost, packing charges, etc. Set your budget and stick to it.

Create a Moving File or Folder

To save your receipt and other necessary documents and papers, create a moving file or a folder in Google drive.

Search for Packers and Movers

This may take lots of time because there are several moving agencies in different cities of India. So, find a reliable and experienced packers and movers in your city to relocate your home safely and securely.

Choose School for Kids

If you have kids then you should search a good school for them, otherwise your kids will start the session late which will not good for their education. So, start searching a good school for your children.

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6 Weeks before You Move

Purge Your Home

Now is the time to purge home and declutter the things that you don’t use. The clothes that don’t fit you anymore, appliances that are too old and should be replaced with the new one, broken furniture, etc. should be discarded or donated.

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Categorize Your Goods

Your movers will not do this for you. It is you, who will categorize the goods for the movers so that they can only the pack the goods that you will take along with you.

Arrange Packaging Materials

If you will bring your own packaging materials then you can save money which the movers may charge you for bringing their own packaging materials. So, packing stuff like carton boxes, bubble wrap, packing tapes, etc. can be arranged by you.

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4 Weeks before You Move


Clean all the stuff as you will not be able to clean them after shifting in the new house.

Take Photos of Electronics

Before unplugging any electronic item take few photographs. This will help you while reassembling the item in your new house. If you will get confuse that which wire will go on to which cord then, this photos will help you to figure out the right wire for right cord, etc.

Create an Inventory List

You should make an inventory list for your goods before loading them onto truck. You must keep this inventory list with you and also give a copy to your mover.

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2 & 1 Weeks before You Move

Make Time for Friends and Relatives

You can throw a dinner party at home for your friends and relatives to spend some good time with them and make beautiful memories.

Pack Your Personal baggage

Pack a bag in which you can carry your personal belongings like medicines, toiletries, clothes, laptop, mobile charger, etc.

Transport the Goods

Call the moving company and remind them the moving day so that they will come on time and transport the goods safely and timely to the designated place.

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Follow this checklist while relocating your home from one place/city to another and enjoy safe and hassle-free move with reliable relocation services.

movers and packers portal
A House Moving Checklist – Key Considerations When Moving

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