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7 Ultimate Tips to Prepare Your Car for Transportation


Sometimes, you don’t need packers and movers for household shifting services but also other goods transportation services. Moving companies in India provide a comprehensive range of transportation services that also include car transportation in Bangalore. From packing to loading, unloading, goods transporting, warehousing, and storage, you will get them all.

If you only need car transportation services in Bangalore then you will have to select a reliable company that offers the same. Ensure the company is well-versed with auto transport procedures and guarantees 100% safe and on-time delivery of the vehicle. Because picking a random company without doing enough research work can put your vehicle in danger. You never know when you will get to see your four-wheeler again. They may run away with your car and money. So, never trust a random company.

And when you finalize your move with one of the best car transport companies in Bangalore then you can hand over your vehicle to them. The movers will take a move and deliver your four-wheeler to the destination place in a safe condition. Well, this isn’t the complete truth. The fact is, car transporters will help you to transport your car from Bangalore to Delhi, Mumbai, or anywhere in India. But, for that, you will have to prepare it first.

Now, you must be thinking about how you can prepare your car for transportation, then don’t worry! In this blog, you will know the steps to prepare your car for transportation to a long-distance place. Just follow the procedure and get your vehicle ready to transport to a new place.

7 Tips on How to Get Your Car Ready for Transportation

If you want to arrive at your car safely in its original condition, then it is important to prepare it for the car shipping process. To make your car ready for transportation, do as discussed: –

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1. Thoroughly clean the car

No, you don’t need to hire professional cleaners for this, but it’s important to get your car cleaned before handing it over to the movers. A neat and clean car will let you know if there’re any scratches or dents on the car.

So, thoroughly clean your car inside and out. Inside will help you to check if you have important files, documents, phone charges, cables, or a spare phone kept inside the car. Plus, the things kept inside the vehicle can damage the car too during transit. When the car will be cleaned you can easily spot the dents and probably know if any new dents occurred after transportation.

2. Check tire pressure

Overinflated or underinflated tires can be risky during car transportation. The car might be loaded and unloaded a few times. And during that time, tires can be at risk. It is essential to ensure the tire pressure is accurate. Otherwise, it will become a danger for the professionals who are loading and unloading it. So, before you hand over your four-wheeler to them, check the pressure of the tires carefully and keep them full appropriately.

3. Look for leaks

Look for any fluid leaks such as brake fluid, oil, battery fluid, etc. The leakage of fluids can affect your vehicle and degrade the vehicle’s performance by harming the engine. The car shipping process takes 2-3 days or even more. If there will be any fluid leakage it will not only harm your vehicle but also the ones that are being transported through the same truck. So, be careful and look for leaks.

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4. Keep your fuel tank one-fourth filled

It is said that the car’s weight is one of the most common factors to influence car transportation charges. And, if you have kept the fuel tank full then it will increase the weight of the vehicle. Also, it increases the risk of an explosion in transit. Hence, it’s strictly prohibited to load a car with a filled fuel tank.

Experts suggest keeping the fuel tank one-fourth filled. While loading and unloading the vehicle, the driver might need to drive the car and then the fuel will be needed. And this will be done with the one-fourth filled tank.

5. Disassemble alarm and anti-theft systems

When you hand over your vehicle to the movers, they will drive it from your doorstep to the warehouse. And if not, they will need to drive the car while loading it into the truck. Then, the anti-theft alarms and systems can be a disturbance to them. They might not be able to load and unload the vehicle. In case the alarm will get activated during transit, it will distract and irritate the driver. He won’t be able to access the car if needed. So, get the systems disabled before giving them to the car transporter.

6. Inspect your vehicle for any pre-existing dents

Movers will not be responsible for any damages if not proven it has occurred during transit. In fact, it’s important for you too to know if the dents already existed or have occurred during transportation. For this, you should inspect your vehicle before handing it over to the movers. Click pictures and take videos of the vehicle from every angle. This will work as proof that the damages are new and occurred in transit.

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7. Remove the accessories

To prevent the risk of car spoiler and any accessories damage during transportation, get them removed. Some car accessories may get loosened up during transportation and tossed up inside the car. These will not only get broken but can damage the car too. Make sure to remove any custom car accessories before they are loaded into the truck.

Once the car will be loaded in the truck, you can lock it up. But you can discuss this with your car transporter. They may need to drive the car while unloading and delivering it to your doorstep. So, discuss and decide. By the way, if you want to hire car transportation services, rely on for the same.

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7 Ultimate Tips to Prepare Your Car for Transportation

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