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Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Packers and Movers in India


Are you searching for the best packers and movers in India for your household move? Do you need the best service provider in your area? If yes, then you should avoid some mistakes that people make while hiring packers and movers.

You can find movers and packers on the internet. Several portals can assist you to hire the right movers and packers in Delhi or other locations in India, but you ought to be smart enough to see any red flags.

While hiring packers and movers, people often do a few mistakes. But, there are a few mistakes that could be very expensive in terms of your time and money. You may lose your precious possessions or eventually make your move expensive unintentionally. To avoid them, do not make these mistakes while hiring packers and movers in India.

Avoid Committing These Mistakes When Hiring Packers and Movers in India

We often choose packers and movers in a hurry. As a result, we pick the one that first comes our way. Later, we regret our decision because either we used to select an inexperienced service provider or the wrong one that costs a higher price. Therefore, it is recommended to do proper research and hire the one that meets your criteria. While doing this, people make a few mistakes, let’s see the common one you must avoid while hiring packers and movers services in India.

Choosing the cheapest mover

Of course, we all want the cheapest services in terms of money and not quality. However, we forget that quality things never come at cheap rates. If movers and packers are offering premium quality services to you then they will ask for higher prices too. There’s nothing wrong with it.

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Companies that offer you low estimates are not trustworthy. You should consider everything before finalizing your deal with the low-quote-offered moving company. Understand why they are charging lower than other agencies. Have they added GST and transit insurance charges in the estimates? What other charges can be added to the bill at the last minute? Enquire about all the hidden costs. Compare quotations of other companies to know which company’s price is way far from others.

Hiring the first company that comes your way

When you have no time left in our hands, we immediately hire the one company that comes first in our way. Well, there’s nothing wrong with it but it has often been seen that people who have done this, face too many problems. You might have got a better option if you have looked for other companies too. You can compare services and prices when you look for options.

Not doing adequate research

Another common mistake that people do is hiring a removal company without doing research. The executive behaves and acts like a professional and you start trusting him. Do not fall for these things. Instead, do your own research work. Search on the internet. Check their website and see their work history. Read customer reviews and check their business ratings. Consider the company’s specialization and compare rates with other companies and then finalize your deal.

Not enquiring about extra service charges

Packers and movers in India pack and transport your belongings and you pay them their fees for the service. Moving companies offer a package that includes a few services. If you avail of any other service apart from the included one in the package, then movers charge extra fees. Most people have no idea about this. Later, they get shocked when the movers ask them to pay for any extra services. do not make this mistake, and ask the movers when and for what services you will be charged extra.

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Forget to compare packers and movers charges

Moving costs depend on the type of moving service, distance, goods volume, season, packing materials, and manpower. However, some companies add extra fees for their brand reputation and the quality of the service they offer. They know they will never compromise the quality of the service, hence, they keep their charges higher than others. So, packers and movers charges vary from company to company. And that’s why one should always compare moving charges before hiring packers and movers. Get quotations from at least three companies to compare rates. Hire the one that fits your bill.

Believe in a verbal price quote

A few movers will either tell you the price verbally or send the estimate over the phone. This shouldn’t be done in any way. This increases the chances of price variation in the final bill to 100%. A reliable and reputed moving company will examine your goods. They will either conduct a pre-move survey physically or virtually in a video call. They see every item and will quote the charges to you considering all your requirements. This reduces the chance of price variation from 10% to nil. Only any last-minute changes made by you will influence the rate otherwise, you will pay the same quoted price to your movers. So, do not do this mistake and call the movers for a pre-move survey.

Not asking the right question

It’s important to know what services are included in the package and what are extra chargeable. You will get to know this if you will ask the right questions to your movers. Inquire about everything and make a firm decision. Ask about the insurance cost, GST, other service taxes, toll taxes, value-added services, etc. Then you will get to know if there are any hidden costs involved.

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No doubt hiring packers and movers in India is a big decision and doing a few mistakes are acceptable too. But, you should be alert and smart while making expensive decisions. Or else, you will face problems. Avoid doing the most common yet so-expensive mistakes that you can afford to make and enjoy a safe and hassle-free move within your budget.

Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Packers and Movers in India

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