Youth Steering Committee

At Nevada95, we are proud to highlight our Youth Steering Committee! The youth are the driving forces behind our efforts and they lead the way for innovative conversation and opportunities to engage youth across Nevada!

Chloe Hartwell
Chloe H.

A Nevada native, Chloe is 15 years old and a junior in high school in Las Vegas. She stepped into the arenas of activism and volunteer work in her freshman year, having founded a social media account and group dedicated to spreading awareness about environmental issues. Beyond environmentalism, she has also been involved in youth-led efforts pushing for gun safety legislation. Chloe views Nevada95 as a great outlet to talk about and come up with solutions for the issues that affect young people across the state she calls home.

Oni B.

Oni B. is a sophomore at Rancho High School in Clark County, enrolled in the pre-med magnet program. She loves math and writing. When not in school, Oni runs track and plays soccer.  Currently, Oni is the goalkeeper for Albion SC Las Vegas. In 2021, Oni was selected to serve in the Nevada Youth Legislature, representing Senate District 2. She believes Nevada95 is a great outlet to meet other young people, promote youth civic engagement, and work on policy issues she cares about – including mental wellness, teen suicide, teen drug abuse, and animal cruelty.

Trina Hoang
Betrina H.

Betrina is a junior in high school in the Las Vegas valley. She is an accomplished pianist of 10 years who now dedicates her time to preparing for a future in her education. She recently picked up her love for activism from a friend, now spending her time graphic designing for Nevada95 and a teen-run social media account. She is grateful to be a part of Nevada95, which offers great resources and opportunities as an organization that is for youth, by youth. Betrina is interested in business, medicine, and law and would love a career that encompasses each of them.

Zach B.
Zach B.

Zach is a student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas majoring in Political Science with a minor in Public Policy. He graduated from Spring Valley High School in the Spring of 2020 with both a traditional diploma and an International Baccalaureate diploma, which is one of the most rigorous academic options available to students in the world. 

Zach is passionate about international politics dating from his involvement in Model United Nations, where he won multiple awards and served as Secretary General for the State’s regional Competition. He is volunteering with Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth to prioritize youth housing insecurity in Las Vegas; his efforts have resulted in contributions of some 50,000 food items and hundreds of unused clothing items, through local fundraisers.

Zach seeks to advance social justice and environmental policy through his work with the University’s student government and works to encourage peers to become more sustainable and conscious of their daily impacts on the lives of others. Whether it be his recognizable bamboo eating utensils or carrying groceries in his bare hands to avoid plastic bags, Zach seeks to make his day more environmentally friendly than the last. He hopes Nevada 95 can bring a conversation to these issues and start a systemic change for things that have long been avoided with he folks in government