Please read PhotoVoice Project description and find the application at the bottom of the page.

Nevada95 will be hosting a quarterly PhotoVoice series. PhotoVoice projects allow youth to engage with their surroundings and identify and draw attention to an issue using photos. PhotoVoice projects engage youth who often do not feel like they have an opportunity to have a say in the decision-making process on key areas that affect their everyday lives. PhotoVoice allows them to look deeper into causes, solutions, etc. of an issue and allows them to use their perspectives to tell a story. It allows youth an opportunity to express their thoughts and perspectives in a way word might not easily do, they are able to “speak” through the photos. PhotoVoice provides a powerful opportunity for the community to connect to youth and the issues they are trying to address. Each PhotoVoice project will last a total of 8 weeks for participants from beginning to end.

Photovoice is a participatory action research methodology created by Caroline Wang and Mary Ann Burris in the early 1990’s where “people can identify, represent, and enhance their community through a specific photographic technique” (Wang & Burris, 1997, p. 369). According to Wang and Burris (1997), photovoice provides the opportunity for community members to creatively document their concerns and simultaneously act as “catalysts for change” (p. 369). Additionally, it ignites interest about important topics that are relevant within a community and allows a community to express themselves through photography. Photovoice breaks past language and traditional communication barriers that often prevent members of a group from expressing their concerns.

Three Main Goals of PhotoVoice:

  1. To empower youth to record and reflect their community strengths and concerns.
  2. To promote critical conversations and knowledge about important issues through large and small group discussions of photographs. This consists of discussions that must include youth and community leaders working in the issue area space.
  3. To reach policy makers and encourage the adoption of various policies related to PhotoVoice topics.

Participants must be between the ages of 14-24 to be eligible for the project. Each participant will receive a stipend (up to $500.00) and a certificate for their participation after completing the program in its entirety, roughly twenty-five hours of work over a six week period.


What can I take photos of?

When participating in a PhotoVoice project, as the photographer, you have the ability to photograph whatever you choose to address the community issue or theme. However, you are responsible for following a few ethical standards [listed below] to ensure that you are protecting yourself and the participants involved. Consent is required for anyone you are photographing, adults or minors, and you must consider if your photograph could be considered unsafe to the participant or if it is invading their privacy. Release forms are required of any participant being photographed, minors need parent or guardian approval. A release is also required to be signed by the photographer, acknowledging the use of their photos publicly.

Photo release forms for minor participants here Minor Participation Consent Form

Photo release form for participants over 18 here Photography Consent Form

Photographer release form Acknowledgement of Release

Ethical Standards

  • Receive written consent from all participants
  • Protect yourself and participants
    • Never enter a potentially dangerous situation or a situation that could potentially emotionally or financially harm an individual.
  • Protect your community
    • PhotoVoice is meant to bring to light key issues, ensure that you are mindful of your photographs and avoid taking photos that could potentially harm the community or an institution, emotionally, physically, or financially.
  • Accuracy
    • Youth perspective is incredibly valuable but be sure to use your photographs to accurately portray a situation to ensure you are providing a well-rounded and true image.

Consent Needed

  • Taking a photo of any adult or minor. This includes physical features aside from just a face.
  • Taking a photo of anyone’s personal belongings or property.

Consent Not Needed

  • Taking a photo of a public figure.
  • Taking a photo of the environment or public space.

What is expected of participants?

While participating in a PhotoVoice project, you should always be respectful, honest, sincere, and focused when addressing the important issues in your community. This is a powerful opportunity to draw attention to a key issue area, it is important to treat your perspective of these issues with a lens that will serve a catalyst for change.

There are four key expectations:

  • Time Commitment
    • You are asked for roughly 15 hours to dedicate the time necessary to take quality photos.
    • You are also asked for roughly 10 hours of participation, including kick off events, check ins, community conversations, etc.
  • Photography
    • You are asked to submit photos using a camera or phone camera, Nevada95 can provide a camera upon request.
  • Weekly Check-Ins with Nevada95 team
    • You are asked to spend approximately 1 hour per week checking in with Nevada95 team, this will allow a space to talk through the progress of the project and address any concerns of challenges. This allows the Nevada95 to ensure the project is being completed.
  • Photo Presentation/Community Conversation
    • You are asked to participate in a concluding event comprising of display of your photos and a community discussion with other youth and community stakeholders to discuss issue areas, potential ideas for solution or change, to engage other youth, etc.

Breakdown of time commitment below.

PhotoVoice project breakdown:

  • Kick Off Event: Participants will attend a (1.5) hour meeting (virtually or in-person) to learn about the topic at hand from field experts and about Nevada95’s goals with the PhotoVoice series. This will create a space to answer any clarifying questions about the project expectations and goals. Nevada95 will aim to provide (1) Field Expert (1) PhotoVoice expert (either a past PhotoVoice participant or an individual with PhotoVoice project experience).
  • Week 1 to Week 4.5: During this time participants will go into their communities and capture photos of the topic at hand with either their phone camera or an external camera. (Nevada95 can provide one, if participant is unable to provide their own) Participants will meet (virtually) weekly for (1) hour with members of the Nevada95 team to discuss findings and observations for the week. This time can be used to analyze, discuss, and plan for possible actions that can be taken at the conclusion of the project. It will also be a space to discuss any challenges as well as ensure accurate project progress. During this phase youth will be also documenting their project process, allowing us a space to compile into a detailed report highlighting the use of PhotoVoice in our community. While youth are gathering photos, they will be preparing their narrative documenting their process and describing their intended perspectives of each photo/theme. This will be monitored during check-ins.
  • Photo Presentation/Community Conversation: At the end of the 5 weeks of photo taking, participants will have an opportunity to regroup (virtually or in-person) and discuss the findings. Nevada95 will use the data and perspectives gathered during the project to then draft a report to be posted on our website and other outlets that may be available, this report will highlight key community issues and ideally lead to community change through local movements or state level policy change. Nevada95 will also work with participants and community leaders to create and execute a plan of action to addresses the issues and solutions youth highlight. This can take the shape of many things, such as spreading awareness, organizing workshops, getting civically engaged, creation of policy, etc.

Please find the application to participate here PhotoVoice Application