Introducing Nevada95

Introducing Nevada95

Our Project

U.S. Route 95 runs right through the soul of Nevada. Reaching down from Oregon, the longest highway in our state connects us – as it runs through Reno, into our capital Carson City, and makes its way south through desert to reach the Las Vegas valley. Like the highway from which we drew inspiration for our name, we at the Nevada95 Network seek to make our state greater by forging connections with one another.

Our main goal at Nevada95 is to improve the health of Nevadans by bolstering the voices of young people. Our strategy to achieve this includes: 

  • supporting youth advocates presently involved in community and civic engagement activities
  • creating space for more youth advocates to engage in community service activities
  • encouraging decision makers to hear and consider youth voices and experiences, and
  • forging a statewide network of youth advocates that can connect, collaborate, and create ideas, experiences, and projects that will strengthen our communities. 

Nevada95 will organize the following activities: 

  • Regular (virtual) workshops and trainings on topics ranging from the Nevada Legislature to Civic Engagement in the time of COVID;
  • Regular statewide calls during which representatives from existing youth-focused organizations can share information about the activities they are hosting and projects they are working on; 
  • Information-sharing sessions on health outcomes and other data points that may be of interest to youth in Nevada; and
  • Social activities to connect with youth across the Silver State.

Youth interested in learning more or participating are welcome to provide their information for our mailing list below, and providers or organizations tasked with addressing issues and challenges faced by youth are encouraged to do so as well. In the meantime, feel free to send us your favorite picture or short video that best captures the experience of youth in Nevada. We’ll be regularly featuring the writings and reflections of youth on our website. If you’d like to contribute to our blog, feel free to send us a pitch or a full blog (500 words). 

One of the features of the Nevada95 project is that we recognize that youth should be compensated for the time that they spent engaged in meaningful civic engagement activities. As such, Nevada95 offers project-based opportunities to support the development of civic engagement activities for youth across Nevada. 

Thank you,

Nevada95 Team 

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