Self-Care and Mental Wellness for Athletes

 Self-Care and Mental Wellness for Athletes By Oni Boulware The list of professional athletes who have recently shared information about their struggles with mental health wellness is growing: Naomi Osaka. Simone Biles. Solomon Thomas. The personal stories shared by accomplished national athletes and the growing awareness about the importance of taking care of one’s mental […]

Election Week 2020: Young People Increase Turnout, Lead Biden to Victory

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Building Blocks to Support Youth Leadership in Nevada

Building Blocks to Support Youth Leadership in Nevada In addition to being the leaders of tomorrow, young people can be catalytic leaders for today. This capacity has become increasingly evident in the past few years, as youth leaders have prompted civil discussion and constructive policy change across the country. The potential of youth leadership has […]

Introducing Nevada95

Introducing Nevada95 Our Project U.S. Route 95 runs right through the soul of Nevada. Reaching down from Oregon, the longest highway in our state connects us – as it runs through Reno, into our capital Carson City, and makes its way south through desert to reach the Las Vegas valley. Like the highway from which […]